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About Trademark Concrete Lift & Levelling Ltd.

Trademark Concrete Lift & Levelling is a division of Trademark Pumping. We have expertise in the concrete industry as a result of being in the concrete pumping and concrete production business. Trademark is proud to introduce concrete levelling services using the most advanced and innovative solution on the market today - polyurethane foam concrete levelling. This high-density polyurethane expanding foam raises settled concrete for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal infrastructure applications. The state-of-the-art polymer injection is a cost-effective, advantageous alternative to mudjacking. Trademark Concrete Levelling is focused on concrete raising commonly known as slab jacking, mudjacking, slab lifting and concrete jacking through polyurethane concrete lifting foam.

At Trademark, we have built a solid reputation in the community by serving our customers and bringing them peace of mind - taking care of the details and being responsible in our business dealings.
Trademark Concrete Levelling is committed to that reputation. We provide a detailed assessment of your concrete levelling project and back our work with a five (5) year warranty.
We are dedicated to honesty, integrity and transparency.