5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Concrete Lifted Professionally

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Concrete Lifted Professionally

Concrete is a versatile building material used for everything from sidewalks to swimming pools. Over time, concrete surfaces can start to crack, sink or settle. Concrete can sink or settle over time for many reasons. Soil that is too wet or too dry is the most common reason. The good news is that there is an easy solution to this problem, lifting and levelling concrete with polyurethane foam! Polyurethane concrete lifting, also known as slab jacking or foam jacking, is the most efficient way to raise the surface of your sunken and settled concrete slabs so they are level again, restoring your property to its original condition. We have five reasons you should get your concrete raised by a professional.

The primary purpose of polyurethane concrete lifting is to restore your property to its original condition. Sunken and settled concrete slabs are unsightly and can decrease your home's curb appeal. Slab jacking doesn't just make concrete surfaces look nice again; it gets rid of the potential hazards settled slabs can pose. The cracks and uneven areas in the sunken concrete slab are trip hazards. Anyone walking on the surface could easily slip, trip or fall and suffer an injury. If that happens, you could be liable. Sunken and settled concrete slabs can also cause drainage issues around your home. Improper drainage can cause damage to your home's foundation, which will lead to costly repairs.

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a fast and efficient process. The slab jacking process can be done in one day for larger jobs and take as little as a few hours for smaller jobs! Traditional methods like mudjacking can take days because of the materials used. Polyurethane foam can cure within hours, meaning the area you are having lifted can be ready for use the same day the work is complete! When you work with a company like Trademark Concrete Lift & Levelling, we can usually guarantee a one-day turnaround time on smaller jobs.

Another great benefit of polyurethane concrete lifting is that it can increase the resale value of your home. Slab jacking can lift your concrete back into its original position and make them look new again. This fresh and updated look will add curb appeal to your home. This is an excellent benefit if you live in an older neighbourhood where many properties have sunken or cracked sidewalks and driveways. You'll put your house at the forefront and make it more desirable by choosing to have a company come in and raise the surface of your concrete. Additionally, having a professional lift and levelling your settled concrete surfaces can help with resale value because slab jacking will help in preventing deterioration over time. 

Concrete lifting and levelling is an environmentally friendly option to having a new concrete slab poured. When you have a new slab poured, the old concrete often ends up in landfills; slab jacking reduces that environmental impact. The polyurethane foam itself is also environmentally friendly. It's made partly of recycled materials and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that will seep into the ground around it over time. The eco-friendly aspect of polyurethane foam is just one of the many reasons slab jacking is the best method to repair sunken and settled concrete.

Having your concrete raised with polyurethane is a long-lasting and effective repair method. Slab jacking can double the lifespan of your concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam is resistant to the elements and excess water in the soil, so it won't deteriorate over time. When installed correctly, polyurethane foam can last for lifetimes. Slab jacking helps prevent further settling, so your concrete will resist cracks and other damage more effectively. This benefit guarantees that your property will look great for years to come!

With so many great benefits to slab jacking, it's easy to see why it has become the preferred method to repair sunken and settled concrete. Polyurethane foam is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Trademark Concrete Lift & Levelling offers is concrete lifting and levelling services using the most innovative and advanced solution available today! Polyurethane foam concrete levelling is perfect for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal infrastructure applications. Our experts have years of experience in the concrete lifting industry, so we know the benefits of having your concrete lifted professionally. If you have sunken and settled concrete slabs, contact us! We'll get you level again in no time.