Foam Jacking with Polyurethane VS Mudjacking: Which is Better?

Foam Jacking with Polyurethane VS Mudjacking: Which is Better?

Sunken and settled concrete isn't only an eyesore; it can be dangerous! Many homeowners are repairing sunken and settled concrete slabs, sidewalks, and patios instead of replacing them. There are two main ways to lift settled concrete, foam jacking and mudjacking. Foam jacking is the process of injecting polyurethane foam underneath your concrete slab or foundation. This helps it "float" above ground level. Mudjacking uses a mix of hydraulic cement and sand injected beneath the foundation to raise it back up to where it should be. So which is better? Read more to find out!

Foam jacking and mudjacking are both effective techniques used to relevel sunken or settled concrete. While both methods can achieve the same results, they do have differences. Foam jacking uses polyurethane foam to lift and level sunken concrete, while mudjacking uses a sand and cement mixture. The cement mixture used in mudjacking is very heavy. The concrete mixtures used for mudjacking can weigh up to 50 times more than polyurethane foam. Because the mixture contains concrete, mudjacking is generally only a temporary repair. Mudjacking does not stabilize soil, so the same issues that caused the concrete to settle in the first place will eventually cause the newly lifted concrete slab to sink again. The polyurethane foam used in foam jacking is very light, so it won't sink over time. Once polyurethane foam is set, it becomes extremely strong and can support the weight of your concrete slab and keep it level for years to come. Foam jacking with polyurethane foam is a solid and lightweight alternative to mudjacking. 

It is common knowledge that excess water in the soil and flooding can be problematic for concrete slabs. The polyurethane foam used in Foam jacking is hydrophobic, which means that it can be used in soil vulnerable to wet conditions. The polyurethane foam not only lifts and levels your concrete but also creates a moisture barrier that is resistant to water that can help prevent water from leaking into your foundation. Because of the materials used in mudjacking, it can shift when there is water present, and it doesn't provide any water resistance. Water can leak into the holes made by mudjacking and cause it to expand, causing additional settling and cracking. Polyurethane foam will not deteriorate over time when there is water present. 

One of the best benefits of polyurethane foam is its durability. Excess water in the soil isn't the only problem concrete slabs face. Arid conditions can also be a problem for concrete slabs. Concrete can expand and contract when exposed to extreme temperatures causing it to sink, settle and crack. Polyurethane foam can hold its shape regardless of the climate and isn't affected by temperamental weather conditions. Because the mudjacking process uses concrete, it is susceptible to the same issues that cause concrete settling. Foam jacking with polyurethane foam is a long-lasting and durable alternative to mudjacking. It will save you from further concrete settling over time.

Both foam jacking and mudjacking have their benefits. Both methods are environmentally friendly; the polyurethane foam we use doesn't contain any toxic chemicals that can contaminate the ground around it. Foam jacking and mudjacking can lift sunken concrete back to its original level, but foam jacking is a more permanent alternative. Foam jacking is fast, efficient and non-invasive and requires minimal clean-up. Mudjacking is slightly more invasive, takes longer, and requires more clean-up than foam jacking. Both techniques can lift and level your concrete, but in our opinion, foam jacking with polyurethane foam is the way to go!

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