Mudjacking versus Polyurethane Foam in Edmonton

Mudjacking versus Polyurethane Foam in Edmonton

How Polyurethane Foam Works

Two liquid polyurethane components are mixed and injected under the cement structure.  The liquids, once agitated, begin to expand and harden.  The foam acts similar to the foam that can be used to seal windows.   Polyurthane foams stays liquid longer, depending on the type of foam used, so as to be able to travel through out the void and then expand.  The force of the expansion is significant creating the upward pressure that raises the concrete structure.

Polyurethane or Foam Jacking in Edmonton

There are many advantages to foam jacking sunken concrete in Edmonton compared to other alternatives of slab jacking, mudjacking, replacing or repairing concrete. Polyurthane foam has been used for years in other countries, including Canada. It is proven to be great for all times of jobs related to lifting and levelling concrete – large and small

Advantages of Foam jacking versus Mudjacking


The processes itself is cleaner compared to mudjacking. The injection equipment is connected to the slab or structure, and the material is injected under the structure. Smaller drill holes for injection means that there is less mess on the surface of the structure.

Immediate Use

Once the job has been completed, you can use it immediately, and this includes heavy trucks and industrial equipment.

Light Weight

The material used to lift concrete is lighter than mudjacking, reducing the chances the concrete will sink again. Reducing the amount of burden on the underlying soils is critical to ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Less Disruptive and Faster

The process itself is quieter and faster than mudjacking. The equipment used in injecting the polyurethane foam is contained in a box truck and, therefore, quieter. The process itself is 12 times faster than mudjacking or slab jacking.

Less disruptive

Foam jacking or poly level is the quietest and fastest process for stabilizing and raising settled concrete slabs compared to mudjacking. Because of the small hole size, drilling is fast and quiet, and there is virtually no noise associated with the injection process itself. The equipment for foam jacking is self-contained in a box truck, which is typically parked away from the direct work location.

Environmentally Friendly

Polyurethane is an environmentally friendly product.


Compared to other methods, the total cost of acquisition is less particularly when you consider that we can finance the project over many years.


Polyurethane foam is waterproof and can be installed in water. Therefore, flow testing or water stopping applications are not a problem.

The Only Solution

Many times polyurethane foam, because of its qualities, is the only solution. One such example is in the case of large slabs, say bigger than 100 square feet, are better repaired with foam because of the ability of the foam to travel under the entire slab creating a more diffuse lifting than other alternatives. It also lessens the chance of cracking. Different types of foam with different recreation speeds mean that the liquid can spread throughout the void. Across larger slabs, this is important to ensure that it is lifted and stabilized. Another example is in the case of heavy slabs. Because of foams high expansion force, it is better in these circumstances versus mudjacking.

Furthermore, polyurethane foam is better in the case of load sensitive areas, sensitive or expensive surfaces and isolate areas

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