Technical Information

Trademark Concrete Levelling uses the industry-leading HMI Polyurethane Foam product which is a high-density foam engineered to permanently raise sunken concrete. It is considered to be the best in the industry for a number of reasons.

Environmentally Friendly

A lot of people think that all polyfoam material is the same, but that just isn’t true. HMI polyurethane foam material for concrete raising is made up of more than 40% recycled materials, which means that we, and you, leave less of an imprint on the environment when you choose HMI.

Experience Counts

Trademark has been in the concrete business for over 12 years.  HMI has been in the concrete raising business for more than four decades. HMI provides training and seminars throughout North America, they provide industry-leading equipment and support, and the most advanced polyurethane foam on the market today!

The Right Solution for the Problem

HMI provides us with the right solution for an concrete raising problem.  There are a number of types and grades of foam and HMI offers us the expertise, training and polyurethane to provide the best in concrete levelling solutions. If you want to know more check out HMI's patented polyurethane solutions.