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Residential Concrete Levelling

Concrete can shift and sink for a number of reasons:  Poor compaction of the sub-base when the concrete was initially done. The natural freezing and thawing process Soil erosion from water creates voids underneath the surface of the slab  If your concrete needs lifting and...
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Sidewalk Concrete Levelling

Does your sidewalk need a lift?  Concrete sidewalks can sink as a result of water erosion or soil that is compacting over time leaving a void.  Fixing the problem has gotten easier, faster and more convenient than ever.  Trademark Concrete Levelling offers...
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Steps & Stoops Concrete Levelling

Do you have steps or stoops that need levelling?  Instead of replacing the concrete, call Trademark Concrete Levelling.  As a division of Trademark pumping, we introduced Trademark Concrete Levelling to give our customers a cost-effective alternative to replacing...
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Factory Floor Concrete Levelling

Level factory floors and warehouses are critical for the smooth operation of industrial and commercial businesses.  If your concrete has become unlevel or sunk, call Trademark Concrete Levelling.  We are a division of Trademark Pumping.  We understand...
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Basement Floor Concrete Levelling

If you have unlevel or uneven floors in your home or noticed cracks or separations in doorways, you may need interior slab levelling to restore your floors. At Trademark Concrete Levelling, we offer interior floor levelling services by using the latest technique in concrete levelling...
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Patio Concrete Levelling

If you patio concrete has sunk or needs levelling, call us.   Patio concrete can sink as a result of a number of issues including water erosion and soil compaction.  Trademark Concrete Levelling can help.  Through our parent company and our alliance with HMI, we...
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Garage Concrete Levelling

If you have an uneven garage floor, we can help.  Trademark Concrete Levelling uses polyurethane foam to level garage floors.  This is the latest technique in levelling floors and has quickly surpassed slab jacking and mudjacking as the best solution in North...
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Driveway Concrete Levelling

If your driveway has sunken or has become uneven, call us.  A sunken driveway can be an eyesore.  Considering that it is one of the first things people see, fixing it improves the appearance of your home.  If you would like a free inspection and estimate, call us at...
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Pool Concrete Levelling

Its time to enjoy your pool again.  Uneven concrete around your pool can cause injuries and ruins the look of your pool.  Contact us at Trademark Concrete Levelling and we'll fix it.

Commercial Concrete Levelling

Commercial ApplicationsGet your commercial operations back to normal with fast, warrantied polyurethane foam repair. Slab settlement can put the brakes on any business or commercial enterprise. When a concrete surface that’s supposed to provide safe, solid support loses...
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Municipal Infrastructure Repair

Polyurethane Injection for Municipal Applications Cost-effective solutions for levelling concrete slabs of all kinds.  Municipal uses for polyurethane injection: Levelling of floors in municipal building and arenas Elimination of voids due to erosion between concrete...
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Industrial Concrete Levelling

Slab Leveling for Industrial & Commercial Buildings Polyurethane foam can effectively raise uneven floors inside your warehouse or commercial property with little or no disruption to normal workflow. Polyurethane foam for industrial and commercial applications In...
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