Cost-effective solutions for levelling concrete slabs of all kinds. Municipal uses for polyurethane injection:
-Levelling of floors in municipal building and arenas
-Elimination of voids due to erosion between concrete slabs and ground
-Lifting and re-levelling sidewalk slabs to eliminate pedestrian tripping hazards
-Removal of driving hazards on highways and at bridges with minimal disruption of traffic

Polyurethane injection repair saves time and money while reducing hazards and accidents. Our cutting edge techniques can be used for a wide variety of municipal repairs, including roadways, parking lots, runways, rail beds, sidewalks, and more.

Polyurethane foam has the capability to tackle big concrete lifting and levelling jobs quickly and effectively. It is faster, cleaner, less disruptive, and often more affordable than conventional methods.

Polyurethane foam injection process involves delivering a two-part catalyst and polyurethane formulation to an injection/mixing nozzle via a heated hose. The polyurethane begins to expand after it has been injected under the concrete slab. This allows it to be used in a wide variety of weather conditions. Unlike conventional mudjacking, cleanup is minimal and does not require the use of water that would cause icing hazards in cold weather.

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Discover the benefits of our concrete lifting solution in municipal applications:

No downtime needed. PolyLevel® is ideal for municipal applications because it can be installed without any disruption, such as on a busy highway or road.

In the past, both residential and commercial slab settlement problems have been “corrected” with toppings, overlays, mudjacking, or by removal and replacement. All of these methods have significant disadvantages when compared to polyurethane foam methods.

For highways, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and airport pavements, The polyurethane foam process is attractive to municipal public works managers because of its lower initial cost, reduced disruption to traffic, and ability to restore roadway serviceability quickly and permanently.

For example, polyurethane injection resins can be used to consolidate the sub-base and re-level pavement slabs in roads that have become uneven. Even large sunken areas can be lifted with minimal impact on traffic. Bridge approach and departure slabs can be adjusted to provide smooth transitions. By filling voids, movement along slab edges at joint lines is eliminated. Void filling under slabs will also significantly extend the useful life of the concrete and help prevent future settlement. Storm water paths can be adjusted to reinstate flow and eliminate ponding.