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Residential Concrete Levelling

Concrete can shift and sink for a number of reasons: 



  • Poor compaction of the sub-base when the concrete was initially done.

  • The natural freezing and thawing process

  • Soil erosion from water creates voids underneath the surface of the slab 


If your concrete needs lifting and levelling, call us at Trademark Concrete Levelling.  Also known as slab jacking, mudjacking. concrete levelling, concrete lifting, slab lifting, and concrete raising; polyurethane can level and lift your concrete.  Polyurethane foam injection is the latest in technology for lifting & levelling concrete.  It is better than mudjacking.  For more information on the benefits of polyurethane concrete levelling versus mudjacking check out this article:mudjacking-or-polyurethane


It has been used throughout North America to level patios, pools, sidewalks, driveways, porches, basements, garage floors, roadways, pre-cast stairways, foundations and more.  Our polyurethane foam concrete lifting system is non-disruptive, eco-friendly and super fast. You can use the concrete levelled within 15 minutes after installation.